Railroad of sadness and despair: looks Like an ordinary trip now, and what promise in the future

In Ukraine, as well as, perhaps, in any other state, there are three types of people. First try to move on their own cars everywhere – whether it’s a short trip across town or a long trip across the country or abroad. Second , due to various reasons banal of sitting at home and not eager to travel. Well and the third (probably the most popular category) – customers of the domestic railway and bus transport.

The diary of one of these clients to us and get my hands on. Published without edits, any coincidence of names and situations can be accidental. Or may not be.

Day 1


Hello, dear diary! Writing this first entry with great joy and expectation. FINALLY I have vacation and I can do what I planned a year ago to go South, to the sea. Our city for a long time to order tires, so I can finally relax. Left to get tickets for the train and – in a way!


The strangeness began at the stage of ticket purchase. Outside the window suddenly began alternately snow, hail, tornado, plague of locusts, and the concert of popular singer Oleg V. the impression that nature had hinted that buying a ticket is not worth it.

However, I did not pay attention to these signs and, sitting comfortably in the chair and herded my cat Wojciech began the buying process.

I, like the majority of our citizens, the person is information savvy and follow the news constantly. For me there were two options, but one I threw out yesterday, drove down the road to the ticket office and saw a queue that was there. In General, well, there is the opportunity to purchase tickets on the Internet, but apparently our people are the same.

Thinking, “well, what is buying online” I opened the window on the website with tickets for the desired train and froze. The scheme was solid around, as a system 300. Something like this:

That is, thoughts on how to pick out a seat near the window or, on the contrary, in the middle, well, specific, any place, crashed on the harsh reality.

Here, by the way, I should add that the harsh reality is felt during the trip on the train. This feat I had to make recently for business. During the trip, the only funny moment was one of the Ministers, ran for a few minutes in the car and happily made a few selfies with a sad face on the background of the doers of darkness. He will sign photos – I guess the darkness was… Yeah, basically, everything. Uncomfortable chair, placed almost completely vertically (if you want to sleep during the trip – and there were no Ukrainian to be cheerful) and on such a short distance that if your taller than 190 cm, you need to comprehend the wonders of rhythmic gymnastics trying to do something with your feet. Even tried to throw them by the neck, but this is unreal. Max – for someone else.

In this case, all the problematic issues in the transportation companies are encouraged to contact the hotline and write a complaint that will certainly be considered. But sometime later. And to solve the issue now.

For tickets and their price last that was able to hear, is a promise to divide the train into three classes, which obviously will entail three price segments. In previous years, promises were made to set different prices in accordance with the location of the shelves in the cars, but yet this idea is not implemented.

Well. The ticket I managed to take, though with difficulty. And the train, because there scheme is at least more than it was clear and not had to run the random number generator, which would help to choose the place.

Observation: With tickets problems for many trains in either the bottom or just the top shelf (about this interesting features told friends). What people think about this in the company – I don’t know, not heard.

Day 2

Dear diary! Writing in the train, where safely, escaped with only a dislocated leg and several wounds, which, I think, very well in this situation.

Don’t even know where to start. Okay. I’ll start with one truth, which was able to see firsthand: the knowledge you accommodation on your car absolutely does not simplify the situation.

Let me explain. Where stops your car – is unknown. Because the process of boarding the train recalls the holding of the athletics of the Olympics or the Brownian motion. Who knows physics will understand. Who’s not – here’s the video (red circle – that’s me).

Watch the video

All this action takes place under the influence of a large amount of cargo (many more bags, packages, screaming children). And, perhaps most importantly in this situation – to have time to get to your car. If a train is passing (in small towns), you need two minutes. Such a “Mission possible”, but with difficulty, where the main role of any of the Ukrainian citizens.

What’s interesting – I’ve never heard a concrete answer from the management company what to do in this situation. Now heard promises about the main priority is the comfort and convenience of passengers, the promises to sell in trains entrees, sandwiches and desserts, and this basic question is ignored.

By the way, about the comfort. Thanks to running and jumping, shouting “stop the train, and I will curse” – breakthrough second-hand market and even cries of “mined your train, let me sit down quietly”, I did manage to climb inside.

And then the itch to try out the local toilet. Nothing unexpected I have not seen, as the average toilet in our trains looks like this:

And that’s not the worst instance. Of course, promises to “restore order” with toilets sound, but the situation is terrible.

It is still good that the weather was not hot, because, as you know, some fashionistas at the hottest time of the year use the train as a kind of Solarium – during the trip it is possible to get a tan. In other words, there had not yet invented air conditioning in all cars. And, apparently, do not consider it necessary.

However, after all this is adventure time, I still felt a little calmer, when the train started. With the hope that it will not break anywhere in the field, as so often happens. Well, sadly looking at his feet in stale socks from the next compartment, who along with snoring hinted about the upcoming fun ride.

These legs complements the whole bouquet of smells which we could feel in my seat near the toilet.

I have a shelf was lower, so my sleep was periodically interrupted (due to the original design of the car) slamming on her door, leading to vestibule.



To the appointed place, I still made it. And what a choice special was not. “No choice” is probably the motto of most of the passengers on our Railways.

Of course, now heard promises about improvements: upgrade of rolling stock, struggle with the cons of the cars themselves. But so far it is only promises.

And it should be noted that earlier reforms in this area sounded only in terms of the global – to bring order to the tenders, the fight against corruption, the purchase of cars and so on. For some reason, often forget more mundane issues – the ones whose solution will benefit any passenger. To understand “the car”, air-conditioned, with the arrival and operation of the trains themselves, that first of all people need in order to drive the train turned into the torments of hell.

What can I say about the global reform! You are first falling blind something make.