On a place of road accident disappeared in Kharkov woman.

Relatives Natalia Umaibou, born in 1971, said that can’t find her after a fatal accident in Odessa. This, they told TSN.

According to them, the woman was at the crossroads during these events and talked with my daughter on the phone. Suddenly he heard the receiver noise, a man took the phone and said that the accident occurred and many people died.

It is noted that at the place of accident, relatives found only handbag Natalia. In the lists of dead and injured her last name no. In hospitals it is also not found.

In Kharkiv is now just 15-year-old daughter missing. Husband is a sailor in the flight and not know what happened. Parents and older son will arrive in the city on 20 October. Underage girl information about mother is not granted, the newspaper claims.

Earlier it was reported that in Kharkov the car “Lexus” running the driver born in 1997, standing on a red light at high speed crashed into a car “Volkswagen Touareg”. The impact of the car “Lexus” dumped on the sidewalk of the street Sumy where at this time there were dozens of pedestrians. The drivers of both vehicles survived, they were taken for examination for the presence of alcohol or drugs. In the accident 5 people were killed, another 6 were hospitalized.

On 20 October the Kyiv district court of Kharkiv should the girl elect a measure of restraint and to resolve the issue of arrest of its property as required by the prosecution, informed the local edition NewsRoom.

According to head of Kharkiv regional police Oleg Beha, the girl who was driving the SUV, four times brought to administrative responsibility for violation of traffic rules under parts 1 and 3 of article 122 of the Code of Ukraine about administrative offenses in 2016 and twice since the beginning of this year. Measure the alleged culprit of the accident will be elected tomorrow, October 20.