WP: Headquarters Clinton paid for compiling incriminating dossiers on trump

According to the Washington Post, the work of the research firm Fusion GPS was funded almost up to the presidential election

The lawyer representing Hillary Clinton during the election campaign of 2016, and the national Committee of the Democratic party (nkdp), helped Fund the work on drawing up the controversial dossier on alleged links of the President of Donald trump with Russia.

This was reported by the Washington Post.

The newspaper writes that attorney Marc Elias, representing the headquarters of the Clinton and NCDP, in April 2016, suggested the firm Fusion of GPS to continue to collect information on trump.

Fusion GPS is a private research company founded in 2011 by former journalist of the Wall Street Journal. In the past the company carried out gathering information for political purposes of the Republican party, including MITT Romney, when he was a presidential candidate in the 2012 election.

The headquarters of the Clinton and NCDP financed the company until the end of October 2016, when elections were only a few days, writes the Washington Post.

The newspaper’s sources reported that Fusion GPS has hired former employee of British intelligence with ties to the FBI Christopher Steele, after Elias and his law firm Perkins Coie has hired Fusion of GPS for investigation on Trump.

The national Committee of the Democratic party on Tuesday evening released a statement in which distanced himself current leadership of the party from private research firms.

“Tom Perez and new leadership NCDP did not participate in decisions relating to the Fusion of GPS and did not know that Perkins Coie has worked with this organization”, – said the representative of NCDP was socil Hinojosa.

Assembled Fusion GPS files contained vulgar unverified allegations regarding trump. It was reported that the 35-page document circulated in Washington several months before it was fully published by BuzzFeed in January.

There were reports that special Prosecutor Robert Mueller in the summer talked to Steele about the dossier within the framework of a Federal investigation of contacts between colleagues at the trump campaign and Russia during last year’s elections.