Tillerson discussed in India the fight against extremist organizations

The Secretary of state and Minister of foreign Affairs of India called on Pakistan to take strong action against terrorists operating from its territory

The fight against terrorism and India’s role in war-torn Afghanistan were the main themes on Wednesday in new Delhi of U.S. Secretary of state talks Rex Tillerson and his Indian colleagues.

During these conversations, the head of American diplomacy had a special focus on the new strategy of the administration of Donald trump in South Asia.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of India Sushma Swaraj announced that India had agreed to hold talks on Afghanistan with Washington and Kabul.

Tillerson and Swaraj also stressed the close relationship and shared values between the two largest democracies in the world.

Tillerson, who arrived in Delhi after stopping over in Kabul and Islamabad, said that he had told Pakistani leaders about “specific expectations” of the administration of the trump associated with control over terror groups operating from Pakistan.

He added that too many terrorist groups find sanctuary in Pakistan to launch attacks on other countries.

“It can create a threat to the stability of Pakistan itself. The destabilization of the government of Pakistan is in nobody’s interests,” he told reporters in Delhi.

The new regional strategy of President Donald trump “can be successful only if Pakistan takes decisive action against terrorist organizations” operating from its territory, Swaraj said to reporters in new Delhi.

It is expected that later on Wednesday, Tillerson will meet with the Prime Minister of India Narendra modi.

His visit also underscores the belief of the us administration that India is an important pillar in the regional strategy for the Indian and Pacific oceans, aimed at the weakening of an increasingly assertive China.

The United States believes that China goes beyond global norms while building its economic and military power.