NYT: Investigation of the Russian intervention face problems

The inter-party struggle could undermine the conclusions to which investigators come to the Congress, notes the New York Times

All three of the Committee investigating Russian intervention in elections in the United States – one in the House of representatives and two in the Senate – faced with challenges from staff shortages to disputes about when you should put a point in this work.

About this newspaper New York Times.

The newspaper writes that the investigation of the Senate Committee on the judiciary began recently, and latency, in particular, was caused by the negotiations about the scope of the investigation.

The leaders of the Senate Committee on intelligence, keeping the inter-party mutual courtesy, tried to smooth idle question of what they may discover during the investigation.

After nine months of work of the administration of Donald trump, expectations that Congress will present a comprehensive, authoritative, supported by both parties a description of the extraordinary efforts of hostile powers to undermine American democracy, apparently, is reduced, the newspaper said.

“Unfortunately, the congressional investigation are usually too politicized, when one of the parties is beneficial to delay the process,” said New York Times a Republican Congressman Trey Gaudi, known in Congress as a formidable investigative activities of the Democrats.

“The idea that one side plays the role of the lawyer for the defense, and the other the role of defenders of the truth the white hats, is laughable,” he said.

Gaudí said that instead, he expects that the special Prosecutor Robert Mueller will hold a non-political investigation.

But all three committees are in a race with time, and Republicans in both chambers trying to finish the investigation in the near future, the newspaper said.

The inter-party struggle, especially in the House of representatives, may undermine any conclusions that will come to the Committee, indicates the New York Times.

One legislator said that the Committee will probably prepare two reports, the newspaper writes. As expected, one of them will be drawn up by Republicans, who strongly declares that there is no evidence that anyone surrounded by trump’s worked with Russia in order to influence the election. The authors of the report of the Democrats, is likely to raise questions left unanswered, noting that the Committee never took a firm commitment to answer them.