Media reported clashes with the Kurds by the Iraqi army in Kirkuk

MOSCOW, 16 Oct — RIA Novosti. Between the armed forces of Iraq, included in the province of Kirkuk and the Kurdish militia, the Peshmerga clashed, reported TV channel Al-Sumaria, citing a source in the security forces of the province.

The source noted that in some areas of the province heard periodic gunfire.

In turn, the TV channel Rudaw claims that the Kurds managed to burn four military vehicles of the security forces.

The President of Iraqi Kurdistan Massoud Barzani, as reported by his Advisor, he ordered the Peshmerga to refrain from attacks on the military, but allowed to return fire.

The Prime Minister of Iraq and commander-in-chief Haidar al-Abadi in the night on Monday ordered the security forces to provide security at military bases and state facilities in Kirkuk province, thus he asked the military to cooperate with the Peshmerga and to avoid confrontation.

Earlier, the Authorities of Iraqi Kurdistan said about the offensive of government forces in Kirkuk.

In addition, Baghdad has accused the Kurds that they used for the defense of Kirkuk non-state actors, in particular the Turkish “workers’ party of Kurdistan” (PKK), calling it a Declaration of war. Peshmerga has rejected the charges.

Kirkuk and some other regions adjacent to Kurdish autonomy, in fact, controlled by the Peshmerga, against which protests Baghdad. After the Kurds a referendum on independence, the Iraqi Parliament called for the introduction in the province of Kirkuk troops to return control over it.

Prime Minister al-Abadi later said that the Iraqi army is not going to war against the citizens of the country, and demanded the Kurds to abandon the referendum results. The Kurdish authorities stated that it is willing to dialogue, but do not agree to cancel the results. According to the Commission on elections and referendum in Kurdistan for independence voted about 93% of Kurds.