In Dubai overturned the verdict Scot, convicted of touching the man

MOSCOW, October 23 — RIA Novosti. Dubai authorities closed the case against the Scot, sentenced to three months in prison after being accused of touching another man, reported the human rights group Detained in Dubai.

In July, the 27-year-old Jamie Herron had quarreled in a bar with one of the visitors, and after the conflict was settled, touched him as a sign of reconciliation. However, the offended man went to court, accusing a British citizen of sexual harassment. A few days ago, Herron was sentenced to three months in prison.

Ruler of Dubai exonerates Jamie Harron — Detained In Dubai via @mynewsdesk_uk
— Detained in Dubai (@detainedindubai) 23 Oct 2017.

“The police informed James Harrow that the case against him was closed. He can take his passport and leave the country,” — said human rights activists on Twitter.

Observers do not exclude that the decision to annul the verdict was made personally by the Emir of Dubai Mohammed Ibn Rashid al Maktoum.