American sailors called the cruiser prison, useless against the DPRK

MOSCOW, 11 Dec — RIA Novosti. The sailors of the cruiser “Shiloh” of the Seventh fleet of the US Navy, in the zone of responsibility includes the Western Pacific and East Indian, complained in an anonymous survey conducted by the newspaper Navy Times, the poor conditions of service and low combat capability of the ship.

Surveyed soldiers stated the helplessness of the management team, the cruelty of the commanders, and the thoughts of suicide. “Something terrible will happen, it’s just a matter of time”, — admitted one of the sailors.

“I pray that we don’t have to shoot down a missile North Korea, otherwise everyone will see our ineffectiveness,” said another, calling your ship “a floating prison”.

In addition, the crew talked about the work overload, insufficient training and long-term anticipation of vehicle repair. However, they noted that sailors often afraid to complain for fear of punishment by commanders.

“It’s a race. We compete with our ship who used to break,” — said one of the respondents.

The seventh fleet of the U.S. Navy is a key component of missile defense, aimed at protecting against missiles of the DPRK, China and Russia. In the summer of destroyers of the fleet, “John McCain” and “Fitzgerald” collided with merchant ships, killing 17 sailors.