Tillerson will require from Pakistan additional measures against the Taliban

The United States believes that the Afghan Taliban and the Haqqani network hiding in Pakistan

KABUL – U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson goes to Pakistan to meet with leaders of the country and to support the request of the administration of Donald trump on the adoption of additional measures against the Taliban and other militant groups based in the country.

“I think Pakistan needs to look clearly at the situation they faced in terms of the number of terrorist organizations that find refuge in Pakistan,” said Tillerson during a previous stay in Afghanistan.

According to him, the US attitude to Pakistan will be based on the actions of Pakistan. The goal is to create an opportunity for peace and stability in that country and in Afghanistan, the Secretary said.

Pakistan acknowledged that it has some influence on the Taliban, but insists that does not control the movement of its leaders.

Tillerson undertook a world tour to several countries in which on Monday he made a previously unannounced stop in Iraq and Afghanistan.

United States and Afghanistan have long claimed that Afghan Taliban, and particularly the threat his unit, the Haqqani network, find refuge in Pakistan. But Islamabad said that all the shelters in the tribal areas near the border with Afghanistan where earlier lawlessness prevailed, was cleared of militants in a military operation.

Meanwhile, relations between India and Pakistan for almost the entire 70-year history of independence from Britain was difficult, rapidly deteriorated the last two years. Both sides used sharp rhetoric against each other at the recent General Assembly meetings in new York, accusing each other of violations of human rights and supporting terrorism.

The tension between the two countries may be one of the topics for discussion when us Secretary of state arrives in Delhi.

“To discuss the possibility of Indian-Pakistani dialogue, and Tillerson will inform their Indian counterparts about the meeting of the Quadripartite coordination group (which includes USA, China, Afghanistan and Pakistan), referring to negotiations with the Taliban, which were held in Oman on October 16,” – said a source familiar with the planning of the visit, the English-language newspaper The Hindu.