Melbourne man charged with the support of top-ISIS-terrorists

The 43-year-old, Isa Kocoglu, a disability benefit, appeared in Melbourne magistrates charged with the support of representative people in the Syria conflict.

It is claimed, he gave $ 5,000 to a U.S. citizen fighting for Islamic state in Syria.

His arrest an investigation by members of the Victorian Joint counter-terrorism centre Team (JCTT), in the officials of the Australian Federal police, ASIO and Victoria police.

The man was taken into custody in his home at Hampton Park this morning — but he could be released on bail within hours.

The investigation lasted more than a year.

It is alleged that he provided funds and services to persons engaged in the conflict in Syria, the support of the Islamic state.

The man who was accused, with the assistance of a person expressed to a foreign state with the intention of hostile activities contrary to section 7(1)(e) of the crimes (Foreign incursions and Recruitment) Act 1978.

The police said there was no current threat to public safety.

“That the citizens allegedly fighting in Syria in the conflict there,” Victoria Police deputy commissioner Shane Patton told reporters. “We are also of the assertion that the citizens of the US ran a website where he supported the Islamic state and swore allegiance to the Islamic state.” The investigation began in November of 2015, and the police to use searched the man’s home, in June 2016, his devices.

“We were satisfied, it is material to the conduct of an arrest was made today. It has a lot of hard work, has said in the matter,” Mr Patton.

Police claimed that Kocoglu transfer $5000 in 10 transactions in 2013 and 2014. You don’t know how the man who is, allegedly, one of the supporters of the Islamic state.

“Some of the funds may also come from his pension, which he received, for the financing of foreign fighters,” said Mr Patton added.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, the AFP and Victoria police being congratulated for the arrest.

“It gives us an opportunity to congratulate and thank (you) … for the outstanding work you do every hour of every day, in order to cope with what is a dynamic terrorist threat, and keep us all safe,” he told reporters.

A Federal Prosecutor told a judge Luisa Bazzani that the authorities cancel against Kocoglu always, and the matter was, for a short period of time, so that the prosecution and the defence to discuss bail conditions.

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