Mattis: provocation North Korea threaten regional and world security

Japanese defense Minister urged the US and South Korea to take joint retaliatory measures corresponding to the threat level

Nuclear threat from North Korea has reached critical levels and requires a joint response by the United States, Japan and South Korea, said on Monday, the Japanese defense Minister Itsunori of Onodera.

“The threat from North Korea has intensified to an unprecedented, critical and imminent level. Therefore, we must take a balanced and diverse measures appropriate for the threat level,” said Onodera their colleagues from USA and South Korea, starting the negotiations in the Philippines.

The Minister of defence James Mattis made in a more restrained manner, however, criticized Pyongyang for ignoring the UN resolutions against nuclear and missile programs in North Korea.

“Provocations of North Korea threaten regional and global security, despite unanimous condemnation from the UN Security Council”, – he said.

North Korea has repeatedly stated that its nuclear programme is not negotiable and rejected calls for the United States to denuclearize.

Tensions between the US and Pyongyang intensified since last month, North Korea held a regular, already the sixth nuclear test. North Korea has repeatedly conducted missile tests. According to intelligence estimates, we can talk about ballistic missiles medium to long range.

The nuclear potential of Pyongyang actively discussed in Japan, where Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, advancing for re-election, has built his campaign primarily on a tough stance against Pyongyang.

Visit Mattis in the region is a few weeks before the first official tour of the President of Donald trump in Asia.