Hackers breach top plastic surgery clinic

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A London’s Leading Rhinoplasty Surgeon from a high-profile plastic surgery clinic said he was “horrified” after the hackers would have stolen the data during a cyber-attack. This has also been the claim of one of the most popular coolsculpting specials in California that was also aiding the ongoing investigations.

London Bridge Plastic Surgery (LBPS), and he said experts and the police found evidence of the violation. This is one of the many patients look for a reputable surgeon. Just click on this page to get in contact with the best plastic surgeon. A group claiming to be behind the breach, said that he has “terabytes of data, the Daily Beast, the news site reported.

The Police are investigating the attack.

The alleged hacker, using the pseudonym of The Dark Overlord, he said that he had obtained a photo that shows the various parts of the body of clients, including the genitals.

Some of these images have been sent to the Daily Beast.

The hacker has also claimed that the data contained information about the “royal families” and added that it plans to distribute the list of patients and corresponding photos online.

“We are still working to establish exactly what data were compromised,” LBPS said in a statement.

“We are horrified that now they have targeted our patients.”

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A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said it was notified of a suspected violation, on the 17th of October.

He added that there had been no arrests and inquiries on the part of the Organised Crime Command were continuing.

LBPS is known to have high-profile clients, including model and TV presenter Katie Price, who recently used her Instagram account to thank the clinic for his lifting.

The Information commissioner’s Office said: “We are aware of this incident and are looking into all the details.

“All organizations are required, in accordance with the data protection act to keep personal data safe and secure.”

The Dark Overlord has claimed to be behind high-profile data breaches before, including one of US media company Netflix at the beginning of this year.

In the month of April, 10 episodes of the new series of the TV show Orange is the New Black, were released online after Netflix refused to pay a ransom.