Trump: my tweets encouraged officials “to do what they should do”

The President said he did not intend to abandon the use of social networking

President Donald trump said that his frequent bickering on Twitter with officials from across the political spectrum, sometimes pushing US officials to ensure “to do what they have to do.”

“To be honest, sometimes it helps,” said trump in an interview to a leading television channel Fox News Maria Bartiromo. The interview was aired on Sunday and dealt with a wide range of issues.

Republican lawmakers frequently call for trump to stop so often to speak via Twitter, but he said, “I Doubt I would be here if not for social networking”.

According to him, he sees social networks as a tool to convey their views without the filter of traditional national media, since there is “fake media”.

“The media treated me very unfair, he said. – In addition, the need to maintain the interest of the people.”

“You know what I found? he added. – People who don’t want to I wrote in “Twitter” are the enemy. People who don’t like what happened to me that I won the election and all that.”

“I don’t think I’ll take that risk – continued the President. – In addition, we are gaining points for this. The large glasses. I can Express my views when someone expresses may be false views.”

“It works. It seems to be working. I mean, it’s not quite a traditional way,” he said.

On Sunday, trump launched a new attack on a member of the house of representatives from Florida Democrat Frederica Wilson, who claimed that trump said to the widow of an American soldier killed in Niger that he knew “what was coming” when he entered the service.

“Crazy Congresswoman Wilson is the gift that never ceases to delight the Republican party, and a disaster for the Democrats. Watch her in action and vote for Republicans”.

In an interview, trump said that he wants Congress quickly adopted a decision on the tax cuts and tax reform.

“I want to have it done before the end of the year, but will be very disappointed if it takes so much time,” he said.