The well-known priest believes the ridiculous decision to allocate on abortion in Russia 5 billion a year

Moscow. 23 Oct. INTERFAX – the Head of the Orthodox medical-educational center “Life” Archpriest Maxim Obukhov outraged by the funding of abortion approved by the state Duma Committee on health protection.

“The Committee on health supported funding for abortions in the amount of 5 billion a year. It is as absurd as if handing out free cigarettes – they say that people are not collecting cigarette butts and not etched anything,” wrote the priest on his page in the social network.

Earlier, the head of the medical education center has repeatedly advocated real steps to protect the traditional family for full and unconditional prohibition of surrogate motherhood, the cancellation of billions of dollars in grants for IVF.

Regarding abortion, the priest believes that to begin to abandon their use as a method of combating diseases (selective abortion) and to accept the amendment on the withdrawal of abortion from the CHI that was offered by the Patriarch.