The Supervisory Board of Ukrsotsbank has sacked the head of the Board

The Supervisory Board of Ukrsotsbank stopped powers of the head of the financial institutions Tamara Savoshchenko in connection with the termination of the labour contract, reports FinClub with reference to the information disclosure system of the National Commission on securities and stock market.

Tamara Savoshchenko has held the position of Chairman of the Board of Ukrsotsbank from 6 August 2015. Shares in the authorized capital of the Bank does not own.

From 2 November, the acting Chairman of Ukrsotsbank’s Board, was appointed member of the management Board Rostislav Matyash. Approved by the management Board of the Bank of four. The Antimonopoly Committee allowed the owner of Alfa Bank, ABH Holdings S. A. to buy Ukrsotsbank. The owners of ABH Holdings SA is Mikhail Fridman — 36,47% and German Khan — 23,27%. Fridman was born in Lvov, Hahn in Kyiv. Both are citizens of Israel, live in London. Other owners: Alexey Kuzmichev — 18,12% Petr Aven -13,76%, Andrey Kosogov — 4,08%, are citizens of the Russian Federation, living in Moscow. And a share of 4.3% is The Mark Foundation for Cancer Research, informs