In the Rivne region, a man made the debtor a slave, kept him in the cellar and beaten

Because of the debt resident of Transcarpathia illegally detained and beaten friend

Resident of the Transcarpathian region is accused of illegal deprivation of liberty of a person. About it reports a press-service GU of the national police in the Ternopil region.

Transcarpathian used his countryman, as a worker on the farm, and then tied up and moved it from the Rivne region Ternopil. It happened due to financial issues. At the time, the man lent a friend a large sum of money. But debt repayment has not waited and asked the countrymen to work off the debt on his farm in Rivne region. After several months, the man said that it stops working as it believes that debt is fully worked.

The borrower disagreed and shut down the worker first in his cellar, where he was periodically beaten, and then tied his hands and legs with plastic collars, were put in a Mercedes Vito and brought to the acquaintance in the city of Kremenets in Ternopil region.

Associated stranger noticed by neighbors who called the police. The victim was taken to the casualty Department of the hospital. Physicians stated he had a lacerated wound of the frontal region of the head, bruises of soft tissues of face, hands, chest and a broken finger.

The suspect confessed to, but to give any explanation, refuses. Now the issue of declaring his suspicion, and election of a measure of money.