Haley called the Russian intervention in the elections “military action”

U.S. Ambassador to the UN has said that intervention in the elections has become a standard practice for Moscow

The U.S. permanent representative to the UN, Nikki Haley said that the intervention of another state in American elections is tantamount to “military action” and that for Russia such intervention has become a standard tactic.

“When a country can intervene in the elections of another country, this military action. This is true, because you are trying to undermine democracy, substituting the will of the people by spreading false information,” said Haley, speaking Thursday at a forum at the Institute of George Bush in new York.

“And this is happening not only here. Look at France and other countries. They do it everywhere, she continued. Is their new favorite weapon. And we have to cope with it.”

Although President Donald trump expressed doubt that the Russian government was behind last year’s cyber attacks during the elections, Haley and other members of the administration without hesitation to lay the blame on the Kremlin.

Intervention in the American elections in 2016 was held on the same lines that the campaign of the Kremlin, designed to influence the election results across Europe, including the Baltic States, and recently in France where a candidate of centrist Emmanuel macron defeated the far-right populist marine Le Pen.

According to Haley, American intelligence “tirelessly working” in the field of cyber threats.

Despite the assumption that interference in the elections could be not Russia and not only Russia, the tramp in summer, signed a bill on new sanctions against her.

After the introduction of sanctions Russia has disposed to reduce staff of the US diplomatic mission in the country. The state Department in response to this, put forward similar demands to Moscow.

“It’s just fascinating. The Russians, bless them Lord, asking: “Why are Americans anti-Russian sentiment?” And why we imposed sanctions? Well, do not interfere in our elections, and we will not have anti-Russian attitude, said Thursday Haley. And I think that here it is necessary to behave rigidly and to hold them accountable, and to convince the private sector that they bear their share of responsibility. We all must intensify their efforts after this event”.

Former President George W. Bush, also spoke at the event expressed concern about the Russian intervention, saying that “the Russian government has set a goal to set Americans against each other”.

“Foreign aggression, including cyber-attacks, disinformation and the financial impact should not be underestimated and cannot be tolerated,” he added.