Iran did not rule out exit from nuclear deal in the case of recovery of sanctions

MOSCOW, 15 Aug — RIA Novosti. On Sunday, Iranian foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif warned that Tehran may withdraw from the nuclear deal, if Iran re-impose sanctions.

Zarif stressed that if Tehran decides that the actions of the opposite parties in the matter of lifting the sanctions will be insufficient for Iran, the country will consider the possibility of withdrawing from the deal on the nuclear program.

The Minister noted that the Islamic Republic remains the right to make a decision about continued participation in the nuclear deal, if there is a recovery of sanctions in areas that are of particular interest to Iran, particularly the oil trade and selling of aircraft.

Also the Iranian foreign Minister commented on the recent speech of U.S. President Donald trump, saying that the US does not have any strategy on Iran. Zarif also added that the defense and the missile programme of the Islamic Republic will never become a subject of negotiations.
Trump unhappy

On Friday, trump said that he was unhappy with Iran because the US has not got due respect from the country, and threatened to cancel the nuclear deal.

“We are very unhappy with Iran. They didn’t treat us with the respect with which they had to treat us,” said trump.

Also, the us President announced that he would not certify to Congress that Iran complies with the nuclear agreement. While trump did not contest at the international level observance of Islamic Republic of agreement on the nuclear program. In addition, trump announced new sanctions against Tehran over alleged support of terrorism.

On Friday, trump said in an address to the nation that refuses to confirm to Congress that Iran adheres to the agreement on the nuclear program, but did not at the international level to challenge the compliance of Iran agreement on nuclear deal. Trump also noted that the White house would work with Congress on the “serious shortcomings” of the international agreement with Iran, and promised that the US will impose against Iran new sanctions for supporting terrorism.

In turn, the White house said that “reckless” behavior of Iran is a threat to US interests, so the administration of the American President will take measures to change the behavior of the Islamic Republic.

“The reckless behavior of the Iranian regime and, in particular, the IRGC, represents one of the most dangerous threats to U.S. interests and regional stability. The Iranian regime has taken advantage of regional conflicts and instability to aggressively expand its regional influence and threats to their neighbors,” — said in the White house.
“He’s not in the know”

A statement trump has not remained without attention of the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

Rouhani said that the country’s leader will not be able to cancel such a deal, supported by the UN.

“This is an international multilateral deal, which was ratified by the UN security Council. This UN document. Is it possible for one President to unilaterally cancel this important international transactions. Apparently, he’s not in the know,” said the Iranian President.

He also added that Tehran will respond if its national interests will suffer.
The international reaction

Russia has not supported the statement made by trump on the Iranian agreement.

So, the first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Franz urged trump to test the strength of Iran. He also compared the words of the President of the United States regarding Tehran with the “waving hands”.

“As a military man, I can unequivocally say: the defense potential of Iran far exceeds the possibility of the DPRK and the United States should not try to test this middle Eastern country on the strength. Whatever it was, it is impossible to play too,” — said Klintsevich.

The speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko also said that Iran complies with the nuclear agreement. She also stressed that the IAEA today to strictly monitor implementation by Iran deal on the nuclear issue.

The IAEA, in turn, noted that Iran is fully complying with all its obligations under the nuclear agreement. Director General of the international organization Yukiya Amano also said that “currently, Iran is subjected to a robust nuclear verification regime in the world.”

Did not support the position of the American leader in the EU. EU high representative for foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini said that Tehran did not commit any violations of the agreement on the nuclear program, and the EU “fully supports” an international agreement.

The President of France Emmanuel macron also reacted to the statement by trump on Iran. In his opinion, the U.S. decision will not affect the status of an international agreement.

Criticized the statement trump and former U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry. He believes that the us leader in its decision on the Iran agreement creates an international crisis and jeopardizes national interests in the sphere of security and the interests of American allies. He also called the decision “a reckless abandonment of the facts by the President in favor of his own ego and ideology”.

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