Trump: Cuba is responsible for acoustic attacks suffered by Americans

The President again called the “Russian investigation” an attempt to justify the defeat of the Democrats in the election

The US President Donald trump said Monday that he believes Cuba is responsible for the incidents, which caused harm to the American diplomats and tourists. (Recall that we are talking about acoustic attacks, which affected some employees of the U.S. Embassy in Havana and other Americans were in the Cuban capital.)

This statement the President trump made during a speech to reporters in the Rose garden of the White house. In conversation with representatives of the press attended the Republican majority leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell.

Speaking to reporters, trump called beautiful their relationship with legislators – only a few, according to him, exceptions. “We McConnell closer to each other than ever,” said, in particular, the head of the White house.

Noting that he also has a very good relationship with Stephen Bannon, trump said that he would try to dissuade him from war with the Republican establishment.

Senator McConnell, in turn, confirmed that he and the President are one and the same program.

According to trump, in the near future he intends to initiate a bill on economic development.

He also called for a tax reform – such of which, according to him, would vote and some Democrats.

Turning to key domestic issues, the President expressed satisfaction with the termination of a number of programs providing Obamacare.

Calling for new steps to combat the opioid epidemic, the President said that will make an important statement on this bill next week.

In connection with the recent death of American soldiers in Niger, the President announced that he had sent to their families letters of condolences and intends shortly to speak with relatives of the victims on the phone.

The President expressed regret over the clashes between Kurdish forces and government troops in Iraq.

In connection with the ongoing investigation of Russian interference in the presidential campaign in 2016, trump reiterated that this investigation is an attempt to justify the defeat of the Democrats in the election.