Russian Jews documented cemented its cooperation with the prison system

Moscow. 19 Oct. INTERFAX – the Federation of Jewish communities of Russia and the Federal penitentiary service signed an agreement on cooperation.

“The theme of interaction with prisoners, the subject of contact with prisoners is very important. People were in dire Straits, in the spiritual heavy first of all, they need spiritual help in order not to despair, not to lose faith in the fix, the belief that they will find their place when I get out,” said the President of the FJCR Alexander Beard at the signing on Thursday in Moscow.

To help them, according to the Rabbi, “the direct responsibility of the religious organization.”

A. Beard joked that if a religious organization his task is completed to the maximum extent, all correctional facilities will be empty. “Whether the service happy?” – asked the Rabbi.

“In any case we will be happy”, – said the head of the Federal penitentiary service Gennady Kornienko, but noted that, according to statistics, about 5-7% of the population is prone to falls, and “therefore, the crime, unfortunately, is programmed”.

However, the head of the FSIN believes that “working with such people should be conducted, so that fewer of them were, and most importantly – to avoid relapse”.

He noted that the main task of interaction with religious and public organizations is to allow a person to “return to normal life, to reconsider their views” and not to get into the correctional facility.

“We already interact, and the interaction takes place dynamically, at a good level, expand our contacts, and now we have a document,” with appreciation signed G. Kornienko.