Tire screech, screeching of metal: Witnesses on a fatal road accident in the center of Kharkov

Witnesses of the deadly accident that occurred last night in the center of Kharkov, told about the incident. Communicated with Kharkiv, the correspondent of “112 Ukraine”.

So, one of victims, Vladimir, said: “the Squeaking of tires, wheels, screeching metal. I just know that something in me just flies in the face. Then when I woke up, I saw people who weren’t so lucky”.

“Squeaking brakes. I feel the blow, I go. And all… For me it was a fraction of a second, each said five minutes it was. I Wake up, open your eyes, look – there lies the 4 people in the road,” he added in comments to the BBC.

Another female witness told that he saw the moment of hitting the car on people.

“I heard a crash, turned his head and saw the car spinning and fell on the roof. That’s what I saw. Lexus started to twist it on the footpath so affected people,” she said.

Earlier it was reported that in Kharkov a Lexus car at which wheel there was a woman born in 1997, standing on a red light at high speed crashed into a car Volkswagen Toughed. The impact Lexus threw out on the sidewalk of the street Sumy where at this time there were dozens of pedestrians. The drivers of both vehicles survived, they were taken for examination for the presence of alcohol or drugs. In the accident 5 people were killed, another 6 were hospitalized. The accident occurred in the heart of the city.

Investigative bodies instituted criminal proceedings under part 3 St. 286 (violation of traffic safety or transport operation by persons who direct vehicles) of the criminal code of Ukraine. Note, this article provides for such punishment: imprisonment for a period of 5 till 10 years with deprivation of the right to operate the vehicle for up to three years.

It is known that the girl who caused a car accident, Elena Zaitseva, is a half-sister lyustrirovannogo Deputy Prosecutor of the Cherkassk region Dmitry Zaitsev and the daughter of the famous Kharkiv businessman Vasily Zaitsev. It is known that it had three times been fined for traffic violations. She has already been approved by suspicion, the court made the decision on its arrest.