Tillerson: the Rohingya crisis with the responsible authorities of Myanmar

In recent weeks the number of refugees-Rohingya exceeded half a million

U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson said Wednesday that he believes the military leadership of Myanmar is responsible for the crisis with the Muslim Rohingya.

More than half a million members of an ethnic minority Rohingya people in recent weeks have fled to neighbouring Bangladesh because of the oppression from the military after militants Rohingya launched a series of attacks on government security forces.

The repression of the Rohingya has caused indignation of the international community, although the government of Myanmar continues to deny that the crisis in the country.

“We really do have great responsibility for what is happening in Rakhine state to the military leadership of Myanmar, said Wednesday Tillerson. – For us the most important thing that the world could not close its eyes to the atrocities which are reported to occur in this region.”

Tillerson made the statement after a report by the international human rights organization Amnesty International, which the security forces of Myanmar accused of systematic ethnic cleansing against Rohingya.

According to the report, based on interviews with over 100 refugees, security forces shot and killed hundreds of Rohingya have tried to flee from their villages, and burned alive for elderly and sick people who could not leave their homes.

It is reported that in some villages, the security forces also raped women and girls.

According to Tillerson, “someone has to be responsible” for these atrocities.

“The military leadership of Burma must decide what role it wants to play in the future of Burma because we believe it was an important emerging democracy, he said. – But this is the real test for this government, which will show you how it will behave in this very serious situation.”

A representative of Amnesty Matthew wells said that in the near future will post another report with a detailed story about crime, including specific commanders and other persons involved in it.

According to wells, the doctors assisted hundreds of Rohingya people with bullet wounds, which showed that people were shot in the back when they tried to escape.