The anger for Katie Hopkins festival talk


The calls were made to cancel an appearance, the controversial columnist Katie Hopkins a literary festival.

Lewes Speakers Festival manager, Marc Rattray has said not to cancel Ms Hopkins’ talk, in Sussex, unless he was “forced”.

“People have gone to the council, tried to have her banned under the rules of the place, and I had a lot of e-mail suggesting I withdraw her,” he said.

Ms Hopkins said: “it’s okay to disagree, but please do not attack the organizer.”

A thread about Ms Hopkins attending the November festival was launched on the Lewes Forum website, with some saying they would boycott the event completely.

‘Impossible to offend’

Speaking to BBC Sussex previously, Mr Rattray said: “I am under a lot of pressure to cancel [Ms Hopkins] and that would be really deplorable.

“We live in a democracy in this region and the freedom of speech is a virtue. If people disagree with what Katie Hopkins is to say that you must come and say why, rather than trying to ban her.”

Ms Hopkins added: “I welcome everyone to come along. People can be abrupt, rude, they can say what they want, I am impossible to offend.

“If they want to show me how the hate speaker, someone with a view that is not correct, it shows me how stupid or whatever they think, they are super welcome.”