Shaheen is concerned about Russia’s access to the source code American

The legislator tries to find out the reaction of the administration to strengthen standards for technological companies in the U.S. for access to foreign markets

U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen has asked the U.S. Department of defense to clarify how it manages the risks associated with the use of software which is being closely studied by the authorities of other countries, saying that such a practice could pose a threat to national security.

Earlier this month, news Agency Reuters reported that Hewlett Packard Enterprise has allowed the Russian defense Ministry to study the source code or internal structure of software for cyber ArcSight, which the Pentagon uses to protect their computer networks.

“The system ArcSight Hewlett Packard Enterprise is an essential element of the cyber defense of the U.S. armed forces,” – said in a letter to democratic Senator Shaheen defence Minister James Mattis, which was available to Reuters.

Member, Senate Committee on armed forces Shaheen stated that the disclosure of the source code ArcSight Russian Ministry gives the opportunity for exploitation of the system that is used on platforms [Ministry of defence]”.

Shahin asked, did the administration trump to resist demands to provide the source code, which puts Russia or other countries as a condition for entry into foreign markets.

Russian authorities are putting increasing pressure on technology companies asking to check the source code in exchange for permission to sell their products in Russia. Many Western companies have complied with these requirements, but some, including California, Symantec, refused.