Klitschko: Thermo Palace of children and youth resulted in a saving of 730 thousand UAH

Vitaly Klitschko met with management and toured the premises of the Palace, where he spent a major overhaul.

According to the management of establishments, activities on thermal modernization started to implement in 2015. It has installed equipment for automatic regulation of the heat of the building, modern led lighting. Also upgraded and heat exchangers, where established elektrovagonoremontny for heating system. In addition, was warmed facade of the building.

However, a problematic issue is the insulation of the glass part of the facade. Chief engineer of KDU noted that the results of studies conducted in the year 2015 found that in the cold season the building consumes about 9.5 Gcal per day, but the heat loss due to glass of the facade are nearly 1.5 Gcal.

The total amount of the energy saving measures amounted to UAH 4500000. This allowed for half a year to save some 730 thousand UAH. given the increase in tariffs for gas and electricity.

Klitschko stressed that the task of government is to implement in all communal institutions of the city energy conservation measures to ensure the effective consumption of heat and reduce the cost of your bills.

“People are accustomed to, that we had very cheap energy. However, now the situation has changed, and each of us understands how expensive was the heat. I want to remind that tariffs are set by NKREKP, however, in our hands to make everything possible to implement the measures on thermal modernization and to reduce the financial burden on each institution, on the budget. We insulated the facades, replace Windows, install recovery system, modern equipment to regulate the flow of heat introduced all those measures that allow us to stay warm and save money “, – said Klitschko in comments to journalists.