Before you make decisions about removal of children from their cultists, you need to give the legal definition of a sect, believe in the Church

Moscow. 19 Oct. INTERFAX – the Head of the Orthodox medical-educational center “Life” Archpriest Maxim Obukhov, commenting on the draft resolution of the Plenum of the Supreme court about the removal of children from parents who drive them in the sect, said that the need to legally clarify the concept of “sect” and invited the debate on this issue.

“If the court appeals to the word “sect”, then you need to understand that the decisions of the courts is the fate of the people, and this decision is connected with deprivation of liberty, sanctions, penalties, and the court’s decision requires a very clear definition of concepts”, – the priest said to the correspondent of “Interfax-Religion”.

He noted that Russian law has no such concept as “sect”, so legally it is very difficult to separate their sect from sect.

“The sect is not always a violation of human rights, not always a violation of the law: for example, we believe of old believers-bespopovtsy sect, but they do not become criminals,” – said the Agency interlocutor
He pointed to the fact that now inside the officially recognized religious organizations appear sceptonia education.

“In Orthodoxy and other confessions found in the sectarian model of behavior when a person belongs to a recognized religion, as, for example, “Penza sideltsy” or pseudo-sects, which formally belong to Islam,” said the priest.

In his opinion, it is necessary to educate parents, “they need to explain what not to do, you need to publish a list of religious organizations, where children should not be allowed”.

The head of the medical education center has called for a public debate with the participation of religious scholars that will help to give a clear definition of destructive behavior and danger to the life of the child.”

“It is clear that if a child is brought into the cave and forced to sit there, you don’t need to do, and if the parents will take the children for what they do with the children, it is the excesses,” – said the priest.

In conclusion, father Maxim said that this direction requires very serious study, and he is very afraid of “hasty decisions of a repressive nature.”

According to the draft resolution of the Plenum of the Supreme court of the Russian Federation, presented on Tuesday, parents who drive their children to cults and extremist organizations are forced to gamble, dismissive and rude they are being treated, can deprive of the parental rights.