Volkswagen to make motorsport return with the prototype electric

Volkswagen is preparing for a return to motor sports with a prototype racing car, as shown in the two preview images released on social networks.

The German brand has shown the car to the dome ceiling in the shape of a large, fixed rear wing, suggesting that it will be a measure racing machine instead of being based on a model road.

There are No entries or grilles visible, hinting that the car could be electrically powered. This would certainly align with the Volkswagen Group last motorsport movements, in which it increased its investment in electric technology.

Next to its electrical impulse in their road car division, the group brands Audi and Porsche, both have left their investment in the World Endurance Championship (WEC). The former increased its concentration in the Formula And with a factory outfit this year, while the second is due to enter in the electric series, beginning in 2019.

Volkswagen game of the World Rally Championship (WRC) at the end of last year, leaving its motorsport arm without an entry in the top level of motor sports.

Volkswagen increasingly electric focus comes after the image of the company was left in ruins after the Dieselgate emissions trap scandal. The brand has changed its resources to green technologies, with its ID, hatchback, scheduled for launch in the year 2020, to be its first purpose-built electric model.