Toyota unveils hydrogen Mercedes S-Class rival

A new six-seater hydrogen-powered Toyota concept will be revealed at the Tokyo motor show.

Called the Toyota End-of-Comfort Ride, it is said to propose “a new form of a premium sedan in a low-carbon society”.

To this end, the distance is 30 cm longer than a Mercedes S-Class, despite the fact that its overall length is about 40 cm shorter.

This is possible, Toyota says, because of the cars, the hydrogen fuel cell powertrain, which has enabled him to push the cab size in the entire length and width of the vehicle, with the wheels near each corner,each containing an electric motor. In addition, the car is about two meters in width – about 11 inches longer than the S-Class.

The nice Comfort Ride body is shaped to be aerodynamically efficient, and it works with a unique cover along the bottom to dampen any noise from the road or tyres. The Japanese test cycle, the car is said by Toyota to be evaluated for a wide range of 620 miles (1000km) between recharges.

Inside, the car, the name suggests, the focus is on comfort. The seats can be adjusted according to the posture – including a fully reclined sleeping position – the numerous digital screens and projection screens are built around the occupants and the seats can be adjusted with the aid of conversation, or to create personal spaces. In particular, the last sessions are in a sofa-like bench configuration, while the first two rows are made up of individual seats.

As with a current of hydrogen vehicles, including the Toyota Mirai, Toyota says the Ride Comfort can be replenished in approximately three minutes.