Tom Marino has refused the nomination for the post of adviser to the anti-drug

Marino did it after reports about his role in the adoption of the controversial law about opioid drugs

The US President Donald trump on Tuesday announced that Tom Marino, nominated them for the post of adviser on combating drugs, withdrew his candidacy.

“Member of the house of representatives Tom Marino informed me, that she has withdrawn her name from consideration for the post of presidential adviser on the fight against drugs. Tom is a good man and a great Congressman!” – trump wrote on Twitter.

Marino, a Republican, withdrew his candidacy after the media reported that he played a key role in the adoption of the bill, to weaken Federal efforts to restrict the availability of opioid drugs, which is widespread in the United States.

Trump admitted the possibility of withdrawal of the candidature Marino on Monday, the day after allegations about his role in the situation with the opioid crisis in the Washington Post and the program “60 minutes” of CBS.

Reportedly, Marino and several other members of Congress and the largest distributors of medicines in the United States convinced the Department for combating drugs and the Ministry of justice to agree on the adoption of best industry law, undermine efforts to limit circulation of opioid drugs, abuse of which killed tens of thousands of people. The law was signed by President Barack Obama in April 2016.

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin representing the state of West Virginia, who are greatly affected by the opioid epidemic, said that message is “horrified” him and urged trump to refrain from consideration of candidacy of Marino.

The leader of Senate Democrats Chuck Schumer has also joined the calls to withdraw the nomination Marino, stating that to appoint him to the post of adviser on drug control, “that is, to appoint a wolf to watch the henhouse”.

According to media reports, representatives of the pharmaceutical industry were behind the scenes working with Marino and other prominent members of Congress and lobbyists, investing in from x campaign over a million dollars.

Trump on Monday said that next week will announce the emergency situation to provide a more effective fight against opioid crisis.