Rins Primus testified spectacular

The former head of the White house “was happy to answer all questions”

Spectacular Robert Mueller is investigating the circumstances of the Russian intervention in the us elections, posed questions to former chief of staff to the Rins Pribus.

Lawyer Pribus William Burke reported that Priebus “voluntarily” went to work and “was happy to answer all questions.”

Investigators Mueller had previously talked with a number of White house staff and other officials to establish whether there had been contact between the campaign of Donald trump and Russia. Moreover, it investigates the issue of whether the actions of trump signs provide obstacles to the administration of justice?

During the election campaign rins Pribus was head of the National Committee of the Republican party. After joining trump in office, in January, he headed the White house. In July, Priebus resigned after a series of setbacks with the legislative projects of the President.