Ministry of defense: the United States launched at the Russian borders in the Baltic the whole division

MOSCOW, 12 APR — RIA Novosti. At the Russian borders virtually turned the whole division of the US Armed forces, said the official representative of the defense Ministry major-General Igor Konashenkov.

According to him, the last Russian-Belarusian exercises “West-2017” was accompanied by unprecedented media hysteria in Europe about their “opacity”, “hybrid” operations of the armed forces, “the hordes” war, has received the order for the invasion and that Russia has left its “striking force” in Belarus.

“But much different in his “diatribes” and Russophobia medicine NATO and the EU in the face of the representatives of the Baltic countries and Poland. Polish defense Minister Anthony Macierewicz even managed to assert the need for accommodation in the country for “protection from external threats” at least two U.S. divisions,” — said Konashenkov.

He noted that in the end, exercises were completed within the prescribed period in front of dozens of military attaches, observers and the media, the Russian military returned from Belarus in places of permanent deployment. As said Konashenkov, hysteria in Eastern Europe “was replaced by calmness and amnesia.”
to download a videocopy the linkcode to the”West-2017″: volleys of MLRS strikes su-25 and the maneuvers of ships of the Baltic fleet

“Meanwhile, in Poland and the Baltic countries on the background of the doctrine “the West-2017” took place “rotation” is located by the plan of operation Atlantic resolve, the 3rd armored brigade of the U.S. armed forces. All the equipment of this brigade (87 M1A1 Abrams heavy self-propelled howitzer M109 Paladin, 144 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, and about hundreds of pieces of machinery) was to remain. And the personnel of 3rd armoured brigade, in order not to violate signed with Russia in 1997 “Founding act NATO-Russia”, was to replace soldiers of the 2nd armored brigade of the U.S. armed forces,” — said Konashenkov.

He added that on the background of hysteria about the planned military intrusion of Russia straight from the teachings of the “West-2017” in Poland “quietly” arrived 2nd armoured brigade of the United States and developed there (Warsaw, Katowice, Torun, Skwierzyna and żagaÅ„), too, along with his armor.

At the same time Poland and the Baltic republics will not go away left the military equipment of the 3rd American armoured brigade, said the representative of the Ministry of defense.

“Thus, despite all the statements of NATO and the United States on “insignificance” contractible to the Russian border troops, de facto is currently being deployed is not a brigade, a mechanized division of the armed forces of the United States, where in two hours you can transfer trained personnel from the nearest American bases in Europe (Ramstein, Germany)”, — said Konashenkov.

According to him, all the hysteria about the “Russian threat” from the “West-2107,” the information fraudulently won back the veil of this operation. “So, who are preparing an aggression?” — he concluded.