‘City of the future’ to be built in Canada

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Sidewalk Labs, Google’s parent company, Alphabet, is to build a digital city in Toronto.

It aims to transform an area of the waterfront into a working laboratory for a wide range of “smart”technology.

It is likely that feature free wi-fi, availability, millions of sensors, sustainable energy, autonomous, cars.

Technology companies are touting their hardware and software for the city, such as urban planners to tackle problems such as congestion, pollution and overcrowding.

Public-private partnerships such as the one in Toronto could bring benefits, but in the city you need to be sure of what they were out of the deal, said Robert Puentes, urban planning expert from the US think tank the Eno Center of Transportation.

“The city is trying everything they can to revive their economies and build infrastructure, but they have to realize that companies that do not do it for altruistic reasons, are interested in generating profits for their shareholders,” he said.

“The city needs a clear vision of what you want to achieve, and that we should not expect the private sector to do the work for them.”

Sidewalk Labs

The project at the Wharf, which will be known as the Sidewalk of Toronto, was met with the canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

“This will create a test bench for new technologies, at the Wharf,” Mr. Trudeau said..

“The technologies that will help us to build the smarter, greener, more inclusive city – which we hope to see the scale of Toronto’s eastern waterfront, and possibly in other parts of Canada and around the world.”

The former New York city Deputy Mayor Dan Doctoroff, who is ceo of the Sidewalk Labs, said: “we believe the Sidewalk Toronto can show the world how to make living in cities more convenient, more comfortable, more healthy, more green, more equitable, and perhaps also more exciting.”

Google will move its Canadian headquarters redeveloped area, and a Sidewalk Labs has committed $50 million (£37m) to begin the project.

Sidewalk Labs has already launched projects smart in other cities. It is expected to provide fast internet wi-fi throughout New York, using old telephone booths.

But his goal has always been to build a smart city from the ground.

The Quay area of Toronto – about 800 acres (3.2 square km) in total – is one of the largest underdeveloped urban areas in North America.