McCain warned the United States against sliding into “fake nationalism”

The Republican Senator with the Medal of freedom National Constitution center “for a life full of sacrifices and service”

Republican Senator John McCain warned US citizens from sliding into “superficial, false nationalism”, while the abandonment of American ideals.

“Fear the world we have organized and led for three quarters of a century, to abandon the ideals that we promote throughout the world, to abandon the responsibilities of international leadership and our duty to remain “the last best hope on earth” for the sake of some superficial, fake nationalism, invented by people who would rather look for scapegoats than it is to solve problems – all this is as unpatriotic as any other attachment to outmoded dogmas of the past that the Americans sent to the dustbin of history,” said the Republican from Arizona.

McCain made this statement after presenting him with the liberty Medal from the National Constitution center (NCC) in Philadelphia a few months after he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer.

The Chairman of the NCC, the former Vice President Democrat Joe Biden presented the medal to a former colleague in the Senate.

McCain was elected to Congress in 1982, during his political career has worked in both the House of representatives and the Senate.

“We live in a country built on ideals, not on the principles of blood and soil, McCain said, talking about his time in public service. – We are the guardians of these ideals at home and their advocates abroad. We did a lot of good in the world. Our leadership had its costs, however, we become incomparably strong and rich. We have a moral duty to continue to fight for our cause, and would come more than a shame if we do not do this. We will not prosper in a world without our leadership and our ideals. We won’t deserve it.”

Constitution center has noted that McCain was awarded the medal for “a life full of sacrifices and service”.