Washington against Iran: who will be the winner?

American and Russian experts praised the new Iranian strategy Donald trump

President Donald trump on Friday unveiled a new US strategy against Iran, promising to impose tougher sanctions against the country. The White house criticized signed in 2015, the Joint comprehensive plan of action (SVPD) on the Iranian nuclear program, and threatened that the United States may at any time withdraw from the agreement.

The US President is obliged every 90 days to inform Congress whether Iran of the terms of the agreement, which provides for the termination of program to develop nuclear weapons in exchange for the cancellation of a significant part of international sanctions. Donald trump has twice the “certified” contract, but before the onset of the next date in the White house hinted that the President can unilaterally announce the release of “nuclear deal”.

On such a decisive step trump to declare did not become, having promised to “give the order” of his administration to commence the work “along with Congress and allies” of the US over the possible amendment of the terms of the agreement.

According to Ben Rhodes, who held the post of Deputy head of the national security Council in the administration of Barack Obama, the President’s initiative was “unnecessary and one-sided”.

“The main question of the certification process is performs or not Iran terms nuclear deal, he said. – Administration trump has twice confirmed that Iran is doing all that neobhodimo under the agreement. A group of advisors trump on national security stated that Iran fulfills the terms of the transaction. The Minister of defence James Mattis said that in the US interests to keep this agreement, and all members of the group “5+1″, including our allies in Europe, insisted that the United States remained a party to the agreement”.

According to Ben Rhodes, the appeal authority to Congress is a clear violation of the terms of the “nuclear deal”.

“This attempt to unilaterally change the terms of the agreement, which was signed not only between the US and Iran but between all members of the group “5+1″”, – he said.

As the ex-US Deputy Secretary of state Wendy Sherman, the possibility of toughening policy against Tehran is not in the interests of the United States.

“While under the agreement, Iran is doing everything possible, confirming that the country is not seeking nuclear weapons, and that it is in the national security interests of the United States,” she said.

However, according to a senior researcher of the Center for the study of the Middle East Institute of Oriental studies, Professor Vladimir Sazhin, despite the “extremely anti-Iran” speech of President trump, the good news is that it did not come to the irrevocable Declaration of withdrawal from the Joint comprehensive plan of action (SVPD).

“It is important that all allies of the United States favoured the retention AGREEMENT, he stated. –Japan, South Korea and China are very interested in developing trade and economic ties with Tehran, and therefore it is a disadvantage of the new anti-Iranian campaign, which involves the introduction of new sanctions”.

Sazhin noted that the IAEA is responsible for monitoring compliance with conditions of the nuclear deal, already seven times in their report confirmed that Iran complies with all demands.

“By the way, the trump, albeit reluctantly, but in July this year was forced to agree with this – reminded the Russian orientalist. – Another thing, he always said that Tehran does not comply with the spirit of the document. But the spirit is a concept which is not subject to legal definition.”

In turn, the Director of political programs of the International center for equitable policy Sergey Zatsepilov believes that tactics trump today is that, “all the time to keep the world in suspense, including allies, and Russia, and the Americans”.

“However, I would caution against excessive euphoria about the fact that the US did not come from the FDP, he said. – US policy toward Iran will still be tightened”.

Zatsepilov not rule out the possibility that Washington will now offer as allies in NATO and Russia’s joint pressure on Iran.

“Russia can go forward, tightening some of its policies on the Iranian nuclear program – they made it. – In principle, the conditions for dialogue between the US and Russia, even on this issue, despite the rather painful disagreements exist. The basic issue is whether tactics trump lead to concrete results? If this does not happen, it would cause fireworks crises that will change one to the other.”