Rescuers continue search for victims of fires in Northern California

The fight with the fire element more difficult by strong winds and low humidity

Rescuers in Northern California using specially trained dogs to search for bodies in the ruins of houses that were burnt down during forest fires. The victims of the fires North of San Francisco were more than 30 people. Hundreds of people are reported missing. The Sheriff of SONOMA County Robert Giordano said that the search for victims of the fire remains difficult.

“We found the bodies, which are almost completely untouched, and we found the bodies, which represent not that other, as the ashes and bones. One of the ways to identify these cases through the medical device when, for example, is a section of metal with the room implanted during a medical operation such as a hip replacement”.

On Thursday, firefighters pushed a little fire, but at dawn they are faced with new challenges: low humidity and windy weather. As a result of the fires damaged 75,000 hectares of farmland, including some of the famous vineyards and wineries of Northern California.

Destroyed at least 3,500 homes and businesses. On Friday morning a representative of the Department of forestry and fire safety California Scott McLean said that about 22 percent of the fires occurred in the wine of SONOMA County and NAPA.

In the struggle with the elements involved 8 thousand firefighters, including from countries such as Canada and Australia. Strong dry winds from the mountains, typical for this time of year, significantly complicate the work of rescuers.