Man dead, woman injured in Melbourne domestic incident

The victim, 44-year-old died in the McGregor Court house in the suburb of Sunshine West, about 8.30 pm on Saturday. It is believed an argument broke out between him and a 45-year-old man over his flatmate, 42 years of age, Laura Chan.

The Herald Sun reports the deceased had begun a relationship with Ms Chan while her ex-boyfriend was out of town.

At 45 years of age, the man faced an out of session’s court hearing on charges of murder and was remanded to appear at Melbourne magistrates court later Monday.

Two teenagers who lived at the address that had not been seen in a couple of weeks. They believe that they are the children of Ms Chan, who was also stabbed.

Injuries that are not life-threatening and she is recovering in the Royal Melbourne Hospital. 7 News reported Ms Chan was in a relationship with one of the men in the household, while the other was his ex-partner.

Laura Chan, believed to be in the middle of a deadly love triangle which left a man dead in the setting Sun.

Police and forensic at the scene of an alleged homicide of the light of the Sun West.

Neighbors told 7 News they felt unsafe after the “shocking” incident.

The house where the man died had seen a large number of visitors that go and come, often late at night or early in the morning, and a security camera of the front had been turned around the face of a wall of the garage.