“Virus” will provide Interpol data about the latest cyberthreats

MOSCOW, 12 APR — RIA Novosti. “Kaspersky lab” in the framework of the new agreement with Interpol will provide data about the latest cyberthreats, the company said.

The parties renewed and extended the agreement to work together. The aim of the cooperation is to combine efforts, knowledge and expertise to investigate and prevent cyber crime.

“In particular, in the framework of the new agreement of the “Kaspersky Lab” will provide Interpol with information about the latest cyber threats detected by the company. This information will help the experts on cybercriminality faster and more efficient to identify computer incidents around the world and curtail the activities of cyber criminals”, — stated in the message.

For more than 4 years of cooperation “” Kaspersky Lab and Interpol implemented a number of joint projects. Thus, the company took an active part in the investigation of cybercriminal activities in South-East Asia. “Kaspersky lab” helped to detect approximately 9000 servers used by cyber criminals as a botnet, which infected hundreds of web sites, including portals of state bodies of some countries of the region.

Two years previously, “Kaspersky Lab” has helped Interpol to bring down a botnet Simda – a network of more than 770 thousands of infected computers around the world.

“The new agreement with Interpol “Kaspersky Lab” is a logical step in the development of our cooperation. It will allow us to ensure that law enforcement agencies worldwide will have access to information that will help them in the fight against cyber threats,” said Executive Director of the Global complex of innovation Interpol Noboru Nakatani.