Oscar board of directors meets to discuss Weinstein


The organization behind the Oscar is the review of the membership of Harvey Weinstein, in a meeting convened following allegations of sexual assault against the film producer.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, has been called Mr. Weinstein’s actions “repulsive.”

Its board of directors includes Hollywood personalities such as Tom Hanks and Whoopi Goldberg.

Bob Weinstein, the co-founder of the Weinstein Company, the studio, called for the football Academy of his brother.

“I was going to actually write to [the Academy]. And I will do it. I’m going to write a note to them saying that it should definitely be expelled from the Academy,” the Hollywood Reporter quoted him as saying.

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The emergency meeting of the board of directors following a spate of allegations against the manufacturer by more than two dozen women, including actresses Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Rose McGowan, that claims he raped her in a hotel room.

Police forces in the UK and USA, are investigating the allegations.

Weinstein, who is believed to be in Europe in search of therapy, he insisted through a spokesman that any sexual contacts that he had were consensual, and he denies the criminal charges of sexual harassment, rape and sexual violence.

The co-founder of Miramax Pictures, and the Weinstein Company, Weinstein has produced some of cinema’s most famous films such as Pulp Fiction, The English Patient, and Shakespeare in Love.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences council are expected to discuss the future of the Weinstein membership. The British Academy Film Awards (Bafta) has already suspended the disgraced mogul.

The president, Pierre Lescure, the president of the Cannes film Festival, where Weinstein was a regular, said that the organization was “dismayed to learn of the allegations”.

‘Sick and depraved’ brother

Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, Bob Weinstein called his brother, sick and depraved”, and he said he had no idea of the type of predator he was.”

He has refused to comment on reports that he and the board of the Weinstein Company, were aware of the Weinstein settlements with the women during the last contract negotiations, saying only that the board “does not know the extent of my brother’s actions.”

He went to call his brother an apology statement as “absolute madness” and “sorry”.

“I’ll tell you what I did know,” he said. “Harvey was a bully, Harvey was arrogant…that I knew”.

Previously, Bob Weinstein denied media reports that the Weinstein Company – which has placed Harvey Weinstein indefinite leave – now may be closed or sold.

But a few big film projects were extracted from the company already, and the ratios of the Los Angeles Times and the Wall Street Journal said that lenders had begun to pressure the board to sell.

Weinstein has denied the allegations of rape detailed in the magazine The New Yorker, saying that there were acts of non-consensual sex.

His wife, Georgina Chapman said Tuesday that she was leaving.

On Wednesday, US prosecutors have defended their decision not to take action against Weinstein in 2015 after the model of Italian Ambra Battilana Gutierrez, then 22, alleged that he had touched her in an inappropriate manner.

A subsequent sting operation recorded on the producer multiple times trying to force Battilana Gutierrez, but the Manhattan district attorney’s office has said that the audio was “insufficient to prove a crime.”