“Oops! What ugliness”: Koreans do not like the monument Gangnam Style

Andrew Olphert, for RIA Novosti

Since the installation of the monument to the Gangnam Style dance (“Gangnam style”, the people “the Ganga”) in the prestigious Gangnam district it’s been a year and a half, but the locals could not be reconciled with its existence.

The idea to build a monument, perhaps, the most famous South Korean creation in recent years occurred in late 2015, but immediately caused a lot of criticism: and in the architectural landscape he didn’t really fit, and many just don’t understand that symbolize huge crossed arms. When it became known that the installation of the sculpture will cost the local budget of 400 million won (about 350 thousand U.S. dollars), the people simply became indignant.

강남에 강남스타일 동상을 세운다고 합니다. 4억들여서…응?? pic.twitter.com/7A6rHWZIVT
— 에놋두배-오버워치:ENOZ#3407 (@ENOZx2) 5 Nov 2015

(“They say in the Gangnam monument to Gangnam style. For 400 million won…What???”)

Didn’t like the idea myself and Psy (“Say”, aka Pak Chasan).

“We really managed to create an unprecedented hit, which everyone liked, but I was just doing my job, as it happens. I did it on purpose for the sake of the country. And the fact that in the area (Gangnam. — Approx. ed.) for budget money decided to establish a monument to me. But this is, in my opinion, too”, the artist said in a recent interview.

In April 2016 the sculpture Gangnam Style near COEX exhibition center (“COEX”) still installed, but the reaction of the Koreans was already expected.

이게 그 유명하다는 강남스타일 동상이란 말인가?ㅋㅋㅌㅋㅋㅌㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ pic.twitter.com/zvUDfw9iuV