The number of fires in California had increased to 22 victims – up to 23

Modern methods of fire fighting were powerless.

Wildfires, which may become the most deadly and destructive in California history, are likely to worsen on Thursday and negate the modest achievements of firefighters.

It is expected that sustained winds with gusts up to 72 kilometers per hour with almost zero humidity will come to the regions North of San Francisco, which already killed at least 23 people and destroyed at least 3,500 homes and commercial buildings.

“Before they get better, the situation will first get worse”, – said on Wednesday the head of the fire service California Ken Pimlott.

Entire cities were evacuated in anticipation of the next wave fires. Their streets were empty, and only ash falls on them like snowflakes.

One of those cities was Calistoga historic resort town known for wine tasting and hot springs, all of which 5300 residents ordered to evacuate.

Tens of thousands of residents of other cities were also forced to leave their homes because of the fires.

Twenty-two fire, raging for the fourth day, covered an area of more than 686 square kilometers. Many of them are completely out of control.

Modern strategic methods of dealing with fire, allows you to avoid large destruction and casualties in recent years, this time was powerless with such ferocious fires.

“We literally observe the explosive spread,” said Pimlott.

“No doubt, he added later, is a serious, critical, catastrophic event.”

The SONOMA valley fell to ash, coating the windshields of cars when the wind started to strengthen to a potentially catastrophic projected speed of 48 kilometers per hour.

Meet flame hastened numerous emergency vehicles, sirens wailing, evacuated in haste left the danger zone.

The representative of fire service of California Daniel Berlin reported that during the period from Tuesday to Wednesday, the number of fires increased from 17 to 22.

“Earlier we were faced with larger fires. But it is the largest, most serious and he continues,” – said the Governor of California Jerry brown at a press conference on Wednesday in presence of leaders of emergency services of the state, which said that in the fight against the fire involved 8 thousand firefighters and other workers.

According to them, the additional resources come from Arizona, Nevada, Washington and Oregon.