The match Ukraine-Croatia for the first time a fan section gave the children

Together with children playing, watched by their parents and coaches

The match Ukraine-Croatia for the first time a fan section gave the children, for the Ukrainian players were sick about 500 young fans, the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

Tickets for the match young fans, along with gifts presented in the House of football on the eve of the game. But literally the day before the game, the participants of the project “Loyal to the team. The children” went on “the Olympic”, where he met with national team players.

FFU organized a children’s fan zone in the framework of the overall project with the fan movement.

“We launched the fan-movement “Faithful to the team. Children.” It is very important for us because the Ukrainian football and sport in General is experiencing great difficulties. Thus we want to instill the love of the sport to see behind the scenes of a large football,” spoke about the initiative of the Vice-President of the FFU Andrew Mazola.

Just a baby fan sector of our players was sick for about 500 children, their parents and coaches.

And on the eve of the match, in the afternoon of October 9 friendly matches played fan-teams of Ukraine and Croatia, the same game was played in Zagreb, where Ukrainians first meeting with the Croats. In that game the fans beat the Croats, Ukrainians, and today was won by the Ukrainians with the score 2:1.

The match between the fans off the fan March from the monument to Taras Shevchenko to the NSC “Olympic”, which was attended by about 2 thousand “Loyal team”.