The ECHR demanded that the Russian Federation report on the state of health of Paul Mushroom

The ECHR also asked for information about the treatment of Ukrainians

The European court of human rights (ECHR) requires a report on the state of health of the Ukrainian Pavel Mushroom illegally held on the territory of the Russian Federation. This was reported by his lawyer Eugenia Zakrevskaya to Facebook.

“The European court invites Ukrainian doctors to Pavel Mushroom and wants to get their opinion on his health before deciding on the application of urgent measures,” writes the lawyer.

In addition, according to her, the ECtHR asks Russia to provide information about the treatment that is Paul Mushroom in jail, and documentation of his condition. As noted by counsel, this information was not in the documents of the Russian Federation referred to the court.

Zakrevsky has expressed hope that Russia would dare to violate a direct indication of the ECHR and to prevent the Ukrainian doctors to the Fungus.

Earlier it was reported that Russian special services have detained a Ukrainian Pavel Mushroom 25 August (the day after he crossed the border of Belarus) and did not allow him nor the representatives of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine, nor a lawyer. The Belarusian side only on 31 August confirmed the fact of crossing the border upon entry to Belarus on 24 August. The defence team came to the detention center of the FSB in Krasnodar, which contains Paul Mushroom, but the detainee was not allowed. On 13 September it was reported that Russian media announced the arrest of the Mushroom court of Krasnodar for two months. Russian lawyer Andrei Sabinin, which protects the detained in Russia Ukrainian, said that the decision to arrest the guy until the 17th of October was an absentee. Paul said the Fungus, which gets assigned drugs and worry about their health.