Russia has warned about possible restrictions on the work of Radio Liberty

Moscow accuses U.S. unreasonable pressure on the RT news website Sputnik

WASHINGTON – Russia has warned that it will retaliate against Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty, if Washington imposes restrictions on the activities of Russian media in the United States.

“Your business… may be subject to restrictions envisaged by the legislation of the Russian Federation”, – stated in the letter from the Ministry of justice of Russia sent a Russian-speaking TV channel, RFE/RL, “the Present time”, the functioning of which is ensured in cooperation with the “Voice of America”.

Similar letters received three other divisions, RFE/RL Russian service of Radio Liberty, Tatar-Bashkir service Idel.Realities and Crimean Department of the Ukrainian service.

The letters do not specify what concrete steps can be taken.

Russia accuses U.S. unreasonable pressure on the two Russian media, the Kremlin-funded satellite TV channel RT news website Sputnik.

American intelligence in its report stated that the RT TV channel financed by the Russian government, was one of the main channels through which the Kremlin tried to influence the U.S. presidential election in 2016. Moscow strongly denies the charges.

Since then, in Washington intensified calls for the registration of RT and Sputnik in accordance with the law 79 years ago that was originally intended to limit Nazi propaganda.

In Soviet times, some Russian media, including Pravda and the news Agency TASS, was registered as foreign agents.

According to some reports, the U.S. Department of justice requires that the staff of RT and Sputnik in the U.S. registered as foreign agents. Representatives of the justice Ministry had no immediate comment on these reports.

John Lansing, Director of the Board of governors on issues of broadcasting (BBG), which is in charge of the “Voice of America” and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, said Monday that members of the BBG networks are “free and independent from the US government and take a very honest and independent journalism in the interests of our audiences worldwide.”

“Any attempts by authoritarian regimes to stifle them is a direct attack on the right of all people in the world have access to the free flow of truthful information,” said Lansing.