Media: from Yemen launched a ballistic missile in Saudi Arabia

MOSCOW, 10 Oct — RIA Novosti. Ballistic missile launched from the territory of Yemen, Saudi Arabia, reported on the website of the Iranian TV channel Press TV on Twitter.

According to the channel, a target missile was region Jizan in the South-West of the country. About casualties or damage not reported. The Saudi authorities have not yet commented on this information.

This is not the first attempt of bombardment of territory of Saudi Arabia. So, at the end of July in the vicinity of Makkah was intercepted by a rocket fired from the territory of Yemen.

The Arab coalition blamed the attack on the Shiite rebels-Houthis, calling it a “desperate attempt to disrupt the Hajj.”

In may, the defense shot down the Huthis released a missile a few hundred kilometers from Riyadh.

In Yemen in 2014, the ongoing armed conflict in which one side involved Houthi rebels from the Shiite movement “Ansar Allah” and those loyal to former President Ali Abdullah Saleh of the army, and on the other, government forces and militia loyal to President Abd rabbu Mansour Hadi. Air support and land authorities render Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia.