Leveson’s parents to show photos of son’s remains

Faye and Mark Leveson held the two images up to the waiting press outside the court — one of the 20 years of the smiley face, and another of his bones back on a table, after they have been brought to light where the former boyfriend of Michael Atkins buried in the Royal National Park south of Sydney.

The first photo was taken two weeks before his death in 2007. In the second, his skull is in pieces and the hands and feet are missing. This is the last photo of the Levesons have of their youngest son, took after his remains were exhumed at the beginning of June.

Mark and Faye Leveson displayed images of their son is still there, buried in the Royal National Park by her former boyfriend Michael Atkins, a Sydney court.

“This is what Atkins has done for him,” she told the inquiry in Sydney Glebe Coroner’s Court on Friday.

“You don’t let it someone loves you like that,” Mr. Leveson added to the journalists outside.

It comes after it was claimed in the court that police blunders let Atkins off the hook. The agents lost evidence and failed to press the 54-year-old, when he was “on the verge of giving information”, the Daily Telegraph has reported, saying to the police: “I want to tell you but I’m afraid of what will happen to me if I do.”

Detective Senior constable Scott Craddock told the survey: “This clearly demonstrates Atkins has been involved in the disappearance.”

Many in the courtroom cried on Friday when Mrs. Leveson has spoken of the death of his son. But the man who buried the body was not there to hear it, and will not be forced to return to the survey at the time of recovery.

Mrs. Leveson told the inquiry “this is what Atkins has done for him” and said she would always wonder if his son has suffered.

Mrs. Leveson spoke with anger about Atkins, who last year agreed to lead the police to her body in exchange for immunity from perjury and contempt of court charges.

“If (the Atkins) was really authentic and loved Matt as he said, he would have told us where Matt was on September 23, 2007,” she said.

“The only reason that he has given us in return for Matt in May of this year, it is because he was under the threat of having to go to prison on perjury charges.”

Outside court afterwards, she added: “It would have had to be there to listen, to hear what we had to say.

“Everyone in the court heard what he had to say, but the only person who would have had to listen to what we had to say, it was him. He put Matt in the ground.”

It happens that the police bungle the investigation emerged.

She said the investigation, they will always wonder if he suffered and that she will go to her grave not knowing what happened.

After 10 years, the Levesons are motivated than ever to hear the truth about the death of their son.

Atkins was acquitted of murder and manslaughter in 2009.

Since then, he has told NSW Police he decided to bury the body to protect his reputation after he found his young boyfriend died of a drug overdose.

NSW State Coroner Elaine Truscott said his statement is not confirmed and have not been tested, and the discovery of Mr. Leveson the rest has not invited any new avenues of investigation.

Friday, she was relieved of her assignment as previously required Atkins to give evidence, saying that he has deliberately lied and had “no credibility as a witness”.

The inquest at Glebe Coroner’s Court will resume on 26 September for the final presentations.