Leona Lewis’ ‘disgust’ in cabra attack

Leona Lewis / Facebook

Singer Leona Lewis has expressed her “disgust” after vandals broke into an animal sanctuary and took out a goat against an electric fence.

The star is a trustee of Hopefield Animal Sanctuary near Brentwood, Essex, where the attack took place in the month of August.

Nathan the goat has recovered, but says that “I no longer trust the people”.

Lewis published a video saying that she and the charity were “the broken heart” and the “struggle” to catch the criminals.

It was the third time that the charity had been targeted in the past two months, Lewis said in a video released to its five million Facebook followers.

Nathan was attacked on 1 August, and later, the criminals published photos on social networks.

Talking about the attack in a video, trustee of Lewis, said: “Nathan walked over to the door, because he thought he was going to get a little attention and a little love… and this guy pulled him back and, basically, started abusing him.

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“Our animals at Hopefield are there because they have already gone through situations of abuse and it is disgusting that people might go there and target it to a charitable organization that has the animals that have already been through such traumatic suffering,” she continued.

The charity believes that some of his horses were also attacked, but did not have CCTV footage of that incident.

“I am outraged at these people. They need to be prosecuted,” Lewis said.

“For them, and the place to be vandalised… [staff] are now in fear and have to pick up the pieces of what these people have done.

“This can’t happen. It is simply not acceptable.”

Sanctuary manager Leanne Angress said that when the goat arrived at the centre that he did not trust the people, “but we managed to get the confidence back and he became a friendly goat”.

“Now, since I stopped by in the electric fencing, he does not come to greet you in the morning… so confidence is gone.”

Staff have started to raise funds for new safety equipment.

Around £5,500 has been pledged.

Essex Police confirmed it was investigating the theft.