Jews celebrate the joyous holiday of Simchat Torah

Moscow. 11 Oct. INTERFAX – on Wednesday evening in all synagogues will be dancing with the Torah scrolls – so the Jews will celebrate the holiday of Simchat Torah, marking the end of the annual cycle of reading the Jewish Holy books.

Fun and General rejoicing that distinguish this festival, designed to show the love of Jewish believers to the Creator.

In the Soviet Union, where Jews were looking for a form for the expression of their national identity since 1960-ies of Simchat Torah gradually evolved into a massive celebration during which Jews gathered at synagogues, sang in Hebrew and Yiddish, danced. In Western countries and in Israel, Simchat Torah has become a day of solidarity with the Soviet Jews who fought for the free repatriation to Israel.

In an address to the believers on the eve of the celebration, chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar recalled that, according to the Jewish creed, there are three components between which there are inextricably linked: it is the Jewish people, God and the Torah.

“They are connected together as a triangle. A triangle is a rigid structure: if you click on it on the one hand, the other two every time, helping her to stand. Our relationship with God is through Torah, our connection with the Torah reinforces the relationship with God. All of our holidays say about unity – the unity of our people, which is only possible around God and through His Torah! And now, the day of culmination of the high holidays, we forcefully realize that the source of all God’s blessings for us is when we live according to the Torah,” – said in greeting the Rabbi.

In the Moscow Jewish community center in Maryina Roshcha on Simchat Torah prepared a special holiday program for the parishioners. Chief Rabbi of Russia congratulate the Jews on the holiday, and then in the Central hall of the synagogue, the MJCC will host a prayer and start dancing with the Torah scrolls. A big role in the festival children play. They will be cast gifts and hold fun contests.