In the Kiev subway for an hour stopped the escalator for female studs

In the Kiev metro station Khreschatyk was broken escalator due to contact with equipment slim women’s heels. This was reported on the website of the Kiev metro.

“The ingress of a foreign body led to the failure of the escalator at the station Khreshchatyk yesterday, October 11. Nearly an hour was required to eliminate damage. The cause of the accident began to thin women heels“, – stated in the message.

The reserve escalator is a major overhaul, because to rise from the station where passengers could only Institutskaya street or Gorodetsky.

“Since the beginning of the year occurred in the subway with 11 stops of escalators with damage to the equipment due to the ingress of foreign objects. 2051 case for the same reason, without breakdowns. In just 9 months fixed 5280 stops escalator“, – stated in the message.

Recall, 13 September it was reported that in Kiev scheduled for all entrances and exits of metro stations to install cameras with facial recognition.