Iceland zatrollit the United States, comparing the population of

Iceland, in contrast to the United States will play in world Cup 2018 in Russia. After the failure of the Americans in the match with Trinidad and Tobago, which left them out of the tournament, Twitter Icelanders have a joke on the loser.

“Fun fact: the US population is 1000 times bigger than Iceland. Another fun fact – it doesn’t matter,“ wrote the Scandinavians.

Fun fact: The population of United States is 1,000 times greater than Iceland’s. Another fun fact… Never mind…!— Icelandic Football (@icelandfootball) 11 Oct 2017

Recall that Iceland came out on the 2018 world Cup, winning group I, which competed with Croatia, Ukraine, Turkey, Finland and Kosovo, and the United States will not play at the world Cup for the first time in 32 years.