Yamaha shows new Gordon Murray iStream-sports car in Tokyo

Yamaha will show, to produce a new design concept this month in Tokyo motor show, signalling the continued interest for the brand’s first road car.

Described only as an “automobile” of the Yahama, it is probably a two-seater sports car built with the innovative iStream manufacturing process created by McLaren F1 designer Gordon Murray.

The brand was publicly its intention to launch a car since the presentation of the learning city car concept from 2013. It is believed that the Sport-Ride concept (pictured above) , followed, in 2015, offers the best insight into the concept due to the in Tokyo this month.

All Yamaha above-mentioned concept cars have been built, with Murray’s radical iStream-process, which allows extensive use of carbon fiber for the lower production cost in high-volume cars (the picture below).

The cost of manufacturing a chassis is closely linked produced with the volume of cars, and the up-front investment required, but Murray has previously told Autocar that the system can be used profitably for numbers between 1000 and 350,000 cars. As such, it is the Yamaha-Sport-Ride suspects-concept could be competitive against the likes of the Lotus Elise

The sports car is understood to weigh significantly less than 900kg and are similar in size to the Smart Roadster, although the Yamaha mid-engine model with a fixed top.

Yamaha is understood as dealing with the development of the car engine, likely a turbocharged three-cylinder 1.0-litre capacity on the basis of the for the first time with the Yamaha motif. In this car, it produces about 75 HP, but when it comes to performance increased more than 100bhp, it would be the sports car a power-to-weight ratio of around 130bhp per tonne, comparable to the Elise.

Yamaha is understood undecided whether its first road model is based on the concept of the sports car, or be more closely connected with the motif of city-car. If the brand does not come to a decision, his first production passenger car to be produced in Europe.

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